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  Majulighur Tea Estate  
  This is one of Assam’s best gardens producing purest CTC tea. Located on the north bank of the Brahmaputra River, it gets its name from its neighboring area, Majulighur, which in turn was so named after the 17th century Assamese Queen Maju Rani as she hailed from here.

Majulighur estate was acquired in March 2001 from Williamson Magor, and had since then undergone massive uprooting and replanting. It adheres to EU guidelines on maximum permissible residue limit, and uses only TRA-recommended chemicals.

The factory has been equipped with modern machinery like improved boilers and CTC machines, and new technologies like the CFMs. Once considered a “weak garden”, its one of the top tea estates now, its leaves fetching premium rates both at home and abroad.

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Facts & Figures  


Acquisition: 1999.

Area: North Bank, Assam.

District: Bishnauth Charali.

Area Under Tea: 572.71 Hectares.

Total Crop: 10.5 Lacs Kgs.

Permanent Workforce: 1232.

Manufactures: CTC.


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